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Emily works with:

                                                            couples   families   groups

            individuals                                                                                                     agencies        
   (preschool - retirement)                                                                         (private and governmental)

                            neighborhood organizations   change agents     businesses

                                                              Unions  Industries


cope with feelings, difficult people, addictions, cravings

assess mental health concerns
(such as depression and anxiety)

provide counseling and therapy to decrease and eliminate dysfunctional behavior

lessen/eliminate Burnout and harmful Stresses

provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAP's) focusing
on a wellness lifestyle.

counsel those traumatized by disaster
(Critical Incident Debriefings)

teach effective Communication
(including Assertive Behavior and "I - Messages")

teach effective Relationship Building to enhance your marriage and family

teach Effective Functioning Skills--organizing, delegating, critical thinking, rational thinking, prioritizing and thought patterns.

Additionally, Emily Boone uses hypnosis for:


                                                Behavior Changes





                                          (Fees On Ability To Pay)

Emily Boone brings a rich, varied, and skilled background of experience into each situation. She is familiar with crisis intervention, effective and thorough situation assessment, short-term counseling, long term therapy, community and regional resources. Professionally and personally, Emily Boone is committed to a wellness lifestyle the she effectively shares with clients and motivates each to adopt their own wellness-focused lifestyle. Enthusiasm and energy emanate from Emily as she is active in several business, civic and professional endeavors.

CUSTOMIZING her skills to each client is one of the areas in which Emily Boone excels. She tailors the training program, consultation, or employee assistance program to "meet the client's needs." The uniqueness of the client's situation is her focus and she works with the client to select the most effective way(s) to attain the desired goals.
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